Appointments are available after hours and during the weekends.
The consultation in the Law Offices of Vassil Nenkov is
$80 check and cash and $83 for credit card payments and:
1.  is time unlimited (as much time as needed). 
2.  does not end in the office or after finishing a phone consultation-clients are encouraged to call with questions in the future. Thus, the additional phone consultation/clarification is free of charge. Please note, that if another meeting
in person is requested/required, additional consultation fee of $80 (or $83 for credit card users) is required.
Your consultation can be done over the phone and it is $80 (no additional charge of $3 as if credit card is used at an office visit). The modern technology allows scanning of documents, which I can review and provide you with legal analysis. Often, review of documents is not needed and a consultation can be done without reviewing of a document. Thus, you do not need to take time out of work, travel to my office, etc. The consultation can be conveniently done while you are at home, over the phone, without regards of business hours. Payment can be made by a Visa/Master Credit Card or Debit Card.
Most of my clients do have an accent and so do I. Please do not hesitate and be intimidated by your English - I will take time to listen and explain. One of my secretaries speaks Spanish and Portuguese and a consultation can be done on these languages. I do understand Russian and speak it to some degree. And of course, Bulgarian is my native and very melodious language.
In short, please do not hesitate to call us. Your urgent matter or legal questions can be addressed after hours and/or on weekends.
his is a unique way to have your mind at easy without having to wait for business hours.
Call someone who was once in your position and can understand you better:

  • The information you provide is confidential
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